Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blah Post

This isn't so much a blog-post as it is a blah-post. I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here. The Virgo-side of me is kicking in to give you a bullet point list (yes, I am SUCH a list-maker) at the reasoning for lack of posts lately:

  • I have been dealing with some schedule challenges as I embark on some new paths and priorities.
  • I am just feeling kinda "blah" right now.
  • I haven't really cooked anything new that has been "blog-worthy" lately.
  • Brutal honesty....Up until summer started, I had been working my ass off, literally, to lose weight and get into shape. Long story and several reasons later, I have gained it back. Embarrassing but true.
  • Food blogging is not a good outlet when you are trying to break your obsession of food. Imagine a freakin' crack addict trying to write about what it was like to get high. Extreme, yes, but to anyone who has struggled with weight loss/food addiction, you totally get it.
  • Food blogging feels like Project Runway..."One day you're in, the next day you are owwt". It has been a rollercoaster ride of feelings lately. I unfortunately haven't developed that tough layer yet. I don't like feeling like the needy, petty Jr. High girl in glasses and braces. I don't like the competition...but I am not sure if I don't like it because I am not winning...I don't like that I feel that way even less.
I am not quitting, but I will definitely be scaling back for a while. I feel inspired to share more of the journey that I am on now, you know, losing my ass...again, so perhaps I will start-up a separate blog detailing that. I just wanted to thank you all for all the love and support you have shown over the last 18-ish months and to let you know what was going on in my head and life right now. Love you all to pieces! XOXO



  1. I'm glad you posted, because I had been wondering if anything had happened. But I certainly understand your feelings. Maybe you need to change directions or something, but I hope you will keep blogging about something, because you have such a fun, uplifting, and bubbly presence (most of the time--and it is OK when you don't, too) and a unique voice, and I would miss getting to read your perspective on the world.

    Take care of yourself and do what you need to do. But if you start up another blog, please let me know!


  2. I luv ya Sig! I understand your feelings. Sometimes I feel the same way. Keep your head up and do what makes you happy because that's all that matters!!! : ) xoxoxo

  3. I second and third everything Carol & Holly said. We're right here with ya no matter where you go. You can't drop us cause we will hunt you down!! Hugs and love to ya girl. Whichever path you go up and down, we'll walk it with you!

  4. I understand too... and you have to have food... so it's tough! I'm thinking of you and sending prayers :) Do what you need to do for yourself and your family! ♥

  5. Just want to say I enjoy your recipes and meal plans!

  6. Siggy Darling,
    You have been in my heart ever since I read this post 2 days ago. Every time I sit down to send you a note something in my life has pulled me away - please forgive my tardiness in reaching out to you. I just want you to know that one of the BEST things about my food blog has been the friendship that I have gained from meeting you via blogging. I have met quite a few ppl from blogging but very few have really taken the time to get to know me for who I am and not just comment on my recipes. Your heart and soul is precious - you are a rare one Sweetie Pie! I support you in which every path you take next. Please know that you are adored from ME!
    With love,
    ~avril :-)

  7. I can relate to everything on your list ... and the compulsion to make lists (LOL). I'm feeling very Project Runway myself this week since I'm doing a cookbook giveaway and that doesn't even seem to interest anyone?? Don't worry - do whatcha gotta do, and we'll be here whenever you feel like popping in. This is your blog, so it's your trip - we're just along for the ride.

    By the way, I only go to my office twice a week, so I try to plan my baking around those days so the leftovers leave the house immediately! I love doing it (making the stuff) and don't mind eating it once, but it doesn't have to stick around to torment me after that. I think my own ass is a lost cause at this point, but I figured that's the least I can do for it. ;)

  8. I have thyroid problems and I gain 40 pounds since they removed one, tried everything to lose it and nothing works.

  9. I enjoy your blog :) I feel you on the struggle of food-blogging. It's a lot of work (though it's a great creative outlet) and I don't know if it's actually getting me anywhere in the blogging world.
    I have found some great recipes on your site. Good luck on your weight loss journey! I know that it's not easy. (I take all of my baked goods to the school staff lounge!)

  10. Hey lady, just wanted to let you know what I totally understand about the blah feeling, I was feeling it lately too! Eating healthy and having a food blog can be difficult, but there are lots of great inspirations out there and I want to encourage you to keep at it! I love your blog and recipes!