Sunday, November 7, 2010

Siggy Spice and Friends 1st Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

Our table is set and YOU are invited!!!

photo courtsey of Muir Woods

If you are at all familiar with the blog-o-sphere, you have seen "linky parties", a place that other bloggers can link some things from their site they would like to share. However, I know there are SO many of my friends (yes, that is YOU) out there that are talented home cooks that do not have food blogs as a way to share their recipes. So, I wanted a way that YOU could share your Thanksgiving recipes with all of us as well. Not to mention, it totally is going to feed into my cookbook/recipe addiction since all of the boxes containing my "stash" are still tightly taped up in the garage....somewhere.

So, here is the dealio. I want your recipes for Thanksgiving! If you have a blog, fabulous....just send me the links and I will link it up for you. If you do not have a blog, fabulous....just send me your recipe (with OR without a picture) and I will publish those as well. Send me as MANY as you would like, because we all love options! Just get me your recipes and/or links by Saturday, November 13th. Here are the categories and publishing dates:

APPETIZERS - Sunday, November 14th

MAIN DISH (Recipes, Tips, Techniques) - Tuesday, November 16th

SIDE DISHES - Thursday, November 18th

DESSERTS - Saturday, November 20th

TRADITIONS (Things you do to make your day special, Crafts, Table-scapes, Place settings, etc) - Monday, November 22nd

Just send an email to siggyspice(at)gmail(dot)com. Sorry, those nasty spam bots will get me if I give I don't give you the email address like that, lol! Like I said, send as many as you want and include links if you have them, or if you have a separate website or etsy shop you would like to promote, include that with your recipe as well.
I really am SO excited to see all the yuminess that you guys are making!
OH, and I almost forgot the really, really exciting thing.....we are so very close to having our first giveaway! Every recipe, link, tip, craft, or story you submit, earns you one early entry to the giveaway that has yet to be announced...because I am a groovy chick like that! (((happy dance!!!)))

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  1. Great Idea. I will be posting some of mine.

  2. This is a fantastic idea!!!!!! I'll try to send you a recipe of mine later this week! Thanks so much for linking this up to gettin' crafty on hump day! :)

  3. Such a great, great idea indeed!