Thursday, October 26, 2017

Tap, tap, tap....

Tap, tap, tap...
Is this thing on?
Isn't that how to figure out if people are still listening as they try to figure out a pithy way to say “hi” again and reconnect with their slice of the blog-o-spehere?  The fact that I have just rewrote 9 sentences to try to transition into this all important conversation, when really, all of my inner dialogue just wants to get to it.  No muss, no fuss.  So, because I am drawing a blank for a sassy and smart transition, and because I can...let's do this interview style, shall we?

Q:  I am new here, who the heck are you?
A:  My name is Sig, aka – Siggy Spice.  I started this blog many MANY moons ago as a sort of therapy.  You can read all about that crazy story HERE.  I have made some AMAZING friends here along the way.   A little more about me, I am a 40-ish year old Mama of 4, living the suburban dream.  Even though I don't fit the Stepford wife, crazy micro-managing PTA Mom type you will find in the ‘burbs, I am comfortable here dodging the drama, even if that makes me seem unsocial at times.    I love my family.  Man, do I love my family.  In fact, truth be told, I think I love my kids and husband more than any person has ever loved theirs.  Yup, I said it.  I love to cook, hate to do dishes and clean up after myself.  I despise laundry.  I have recently discovered I am a pretty good home decorator and have a creative side I am continually exploring and pushing the boundaries of.  I am a make-up junkie.  I have 3 dogs and 1 cat.  I have serious carpool rage.  I change my hair color a LOT.  I have a woo-woo side....I am very intuitive and firmly believe in signs, mind/body/spirit connection, and all things woo.  While I like to say I am a hippie, I am not crunchy...I like Sephora and Target too much.  

Q:  Um….where the heck have you been for the last 3+ years???  Why are you back?
A:  3+ years.  Wow.  That doesn’t even seem possible.  I started this blog during such a hard time of my life and used it as a sort of a way to crawl out from under my self-imposed rock.  I used it as a platform to try new recipes.  I used it as a way to connect with people since we had just moved across the country.  Another cross-country move and we are still in Austin.  Totally enjoying the AMAZING culinary scene here.  I have grown as a person, as a Mom, as a wife, as a cook. 
I have also lost over 100 pounds. 
Yup, you read that right.   Over 100 pounds. 
I had been somewhat over-weight most of my life.  After college, marriage, babies, stress of life, etc., my weight ballooned to the point it was having a direct effect on my health.  About 2-3  years ago, I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic.  I was put on Metformin and told to watch what I ate.  I watched, and did great for about 4 months.  Then, like so many times before, I had a bad meal, which turned into a bad day, week, month, and year.  In November of 2015, I was diagnosed with a 5cm "multi-septated complex" Ovarian cyst, not known if it was cancerous.   As I was sitting in the Gynecological Oncologist office and he was explaining how fat traps Estrogen, therefore, all this Estrogen was trapped in my body causing this, I knew that this was an unintended consequence of my choices I had made.  We decided that since I was no longer in the baby game, and my risk for gynecological cancers were high, that we would do a full hysterectomy even if the mass proved to be benign.  So, that is what we did. 
12 days later, my Gallbladder decided it wanted to break up with me too.  
As I was sitting in the ER being poked over and over again because they couldn’t find a vein, I had my A-HA moment.  I knew if I didn’t make a drastic change this was going to be my life.  I had a vision of me in and out of ER’s and Dr. offices waiting on the next diagnoses, putting out fires left and right.  Having gallbladder surgery after a complete hysterectomy was a lot for any body to handle.  For a “normal” weight person, it may not have been so long.  For me, it was long.  My body was overworked.  My body was tired.  During my recovery period, my blood pressure rose to the point I had to be put on blood pressure medication.  Unfortunately, my PCP dosed me too high too fast and caused some heart freak out.  Yet another ER visit.  Another reminder of what needed to be done. 
It is true when they say you choose your hard.  Losing weight is hard.  Being overweight is hard.  You chose your hard.  I have to continually chose my hard, and believe me, it is hard.  Every day is a choice.  But here I am….a year and a half after choosing what hard road I will walk the rest of my life. 

Q:  What do you want this blog to do for you and what’s in it for me?
A:  This blog is still a form of therapy for me.  A place to say what I am doing and where I am at with things going on in my quirky brain.  I love to share things to help people on their journey, whether it be recipes, techniques, ideas, a new product, some insight, or just a chuckle.  I hope you find some gems here and there.  Everything I share might not be your bag, and that is totally cool.  Take what you want, leave the rest.   I will be sharing the recipes that I eat now.   They will be MY version of healthy.  Keto, low-carb, sugar free, but always delicious!  I do not eat only as a way to lose weight, but for my over all health and nourishment.  I am not going to erase my past not-so-healthy recipes.  Like my weight, it is part of my past.  You can bet there will be some re-vamping of old favorites!
So, long story short, I'm back!  Stay tuned for awesomeness, deliciousness, and all the other "ness's".  If there is anything else you are dying to know, drop me a line or find me on Facebook!

Hugs and sugar free kisses to you - xoxo

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  1. I have never ever followed a blog. Not sure if I have the time. I have told many people I have a friend with a food blog not realizing that you were off the books for awhile. I suck! Lol. But I am going to try and follow your blog. I am getting ridiculously overweight and not happy with myself at all. I need to follow yummy, healthy, easy, family friendly recipes. Not that I can’t cook. I can cook. Pretty darn good. But my work hours make it difficult and all my recipes are from growing up. Tasty! But not healthy. Now to figure out how to follow a blog!?!?