Monday, August 16, 2010

Super Simple Sliders

I have had the most exhausting, shopping, and more shopping.  Not the fun kind of shopping that you can leisurely do with an iced coffee in between stores.  It was doing the big grocery shopping WITH school supplies, WITH curriculum shopping, and finally (and most exhausting) WITH school clothes shopping.  Ok, maybe it is silly that we do school clothes shopping since we homeschool, but we did.  You just seem to have a better day when you get ready for the day and wear cute clothes.  Ok, so maybe it is more of a goal of mine that I am dragging the kids along for the ride.  I know many mom's can shout out the "amen!" on that is one of the hardest transitions to make.  Going from having your hair and makeup done by 7:30am to barely being able to squeeze in a shower let alone do anything aside from a pony tail and transition from jammies to sweats.  This has absolutely nothing to do with the recipe I am sharing today...just something that my now-"babies-sucked-my-brain-cells" mind fixates on.   I am not sure there is any kind of bridge I can make at this point that would take us from shopping, exhaustion, and jammies to these Super Simple Sliders.  Other than the fact, they are SIMPLE!  Total bonus, they taste awesome!  The original recipe from Mommy's Kitchen has them titled as "White Castle Sliders" but since I have never had a White Castle burger, I couldn't tell you how similar they are.  Aside from being yummy, the kiddos love them because they are miniature and I love them because they are EASY!  No forming or flipping here!

  • Scant (not full) 1/4 cup dried minced onion
  • 2 pounds ground beef.  It is recommended that you use 80/20.  I used 85/15 and they didn't shrink up to completely fit the sheet of dinner rolls, but I was ok with that.
  • 1/2 tsp seasoned salt.  I used Lawry's, but how I longed for my long-lost Johnnies......
  • 6 slices of your cheese of choice
  • 12 count package of dinner rolls.  I used the King's Hawaiian Dinner Rolls just like I did in these yummy nibbles
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. 
In a 9x13 baking pan, sprinkle the dried minced onions evenly over bottom.  Gently and evenly, press the ground beef into a large rectangle on top of the dried minced onion, patting the top to make level and smooth.  Sprinkle the seasoned salt on top of the meat and bake for 20 minutes.  After 20 minutes, remove from oven and pat top of meat with paper towels to remove the excess grease.  Place cheese slices on top and return to oven for another minute or so, until the cheese is melted.  At this point, I made a little bed of brown paper bag and paper towels on a cutting board and removed the meat, keeping it in one piece, with a GIANT BBQ spatula.  I allowed the excess grease to soak up on it's special little resting place while I sliced the package of rolls in half horizontally.  Then, using the GIANT BBQ spatula again, I placed the meat on the bottom of the rolls, and topped with the top half of rolls.  Cut into individual little servings and viola....sliders!!
The possibilities are endless here....I am already thinking of doing a Mushroom Swiss version, maybe even add in some bacon.  Create and enjoy!

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  1. Siggy!!!!! - I didn't realize you home-school!!!! I worship you even more now! So impressed. So impressed indeed!

    I'm also impressed with this recipe of slidders....serious yum!

  2. I didn't know you homeschool either! I've just started doing preschool/kindergarten with my oldest. I'd love to hear more about it, ie what curriculum, how is your day structured. This also looks good, I will have to try it, my boys love hamburgers! =)

  3. Ooh woman! You've never had a White Castle?! They are far and few in NY but in Ohio...once, twice, three times a week. 24/7 and they had fountain Red Pop. That combo keeps 'em coming after the bars close! LOL Every drunk in town is at White Castle after closing time! LOL They are really really good steamed burgers cooked on a bed of minced onions. They smell so fabulous. Man you're missing out! Gonna try these soon and I'll let ya know how they stack up :P

  4. ADVICE!!!! Use parchment paper!!!! Hard to clean pans.....
    These are addictive!!!! Made 4 batches for a (after party drunk food LOL) They were gone in 5 mins!!!!!